All About Those Minions

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Date: July 24, 2015 | Topic: Minions

If you have ever been to the BECA headquarters, you’ve seen the minions that are spread throughout the office. In honor of the new movie released recently from Universal Pictures, we wanted to share the story of how minions made their way to BECA.

When Mike became president of the company in 2013, he wanted to find something that he could offer his employees to increase work incentive. Something that was popular (but not yet outrageously so) were minions from the Despicable Me movies. Mike’s idea was to use small minion action figures as “minion awards” for when an employee went above and beyond their normal role. An employee could be nominated for a minion award by either a fellow employee or a BECA client. When the employee receives the reward, they get to select a minion figurine from Mike’s office. Once an employee has received three minions, they can turn them in for a cash reward. At the end of the year, the employee who received the most minion awards becomes Minion of the Year and receives an all-expenses paid vacation.

Over the next two years, minions began becoming incredibly popular. As the amount of minion memorabilia began increasing on store shelves, so did the minion numbers in Mike’s office. Not only did Mike’s employees begin gifting him with minion items, but his family did as well. Even BECA clients began to get in on the fun!

Minions have now become a staple in the BECA office. Each employee has their individual minion awards on display at their desks and different minion-related items can be found throughout the entire office. And with the release of the new movie, we are all excited to see what new items we can find to fill up the office!

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