Client Feature: Clearwave Inc.

Today we want to feature one of our amazing clients. Clearwave Inc. is a company that revitalizes the way patient registration is handled in the Healthcare Industry. With their registration stations and check-in technology, healthcare offices are able to run faster and more efficiently. Not only are patients happier with the expedited registration process, but the staff is able to focus more on the patients rather than the paperwork. This automated process eliminates unnecessary paperwork and increases accuracy. This incredible technology drives new revenue, provides dynamic eligibility, and allows more patients to be seen per day.

Other features of Clearwave’s technology include:

  • High adoption and usage rate by patients of all ages
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Accurate patient demographics
  • Real-time patient insurance plan and eligibility/benefit information
  • Ability to identify uninsured patients for financial assistance options
  • Accurate provider demographic information
  • Collection of co-pays and outstanding balances at point of service
  • Reduced claim rejections


You can learn more about Clearwave by visiting their website. You can also contact them via phone or email: 678.738.1120 |

Thank you Clearwave for choosing BECA as your IT service company!

One thought on “Client Feature: Clearwave Inc.

  1. Great to see a company making visiting a doctor or hospital more innovative. With smartphones and tablets we should be able to stream line everything on focus on what counts. So AWESOME job ClearWave Inc…

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