[ALERT] New Worldwide Ransomware Attacks

Thousands of Infection Attempts “A quickly-spreading, world-wide ransomware outbreak has reportedly hit targets in Spain, France, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries. On Tuesday, a wide range of private businesses reportedly suffered ransomware attacks. Although it is not clear if every case is connected, at least several of them appear to be related to the same … More [ALERT] New Worldwide Ransomware Attacks

BECA ALERT: WannaCry Ransomware Attack

They are calling it the “biggest ransomware outbreak in history”. According to our friends over at KnowBe4, “this is a cyber pandemic caused by a ransomware weapon of mass destruction”. In case you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s the WannaCry Malware attack that has crippled over 200,000 computers worldwide since Friday. Want to hear … More BECA ALERT: WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Enterprise Email Best Practices to Avoid Malware Distribution

No matter how big or how small, malware is something that no company wants to deal with. One of the most common ways that cyber-criminals are distributing malware is through email. Whether it is a link or an attachment, all it takes is one-click to take your company down. We are sharing our top email security … More Enterprise Email Best Practices to Avoid Malware Distribution

Scam of the Week: Airline Phishing Attack

There is a new highly effective phishing attack running through inboxes that tricks a whopping 90% of victims. All of the best criminal practices are combined to steal credentials and send malware into your network. This attack targets companies that deal with frequent shipping of goods or high-volume of employee travel. The phishing attack targets … More Scam of the Week: Airline Phishing Attack